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A Rifles Salute - Music of The Rifles

A Regimental History in Music. Featuring the following tracks:

  1. General Salute
  2. Parade Bugle Calls
  3. Le Regiment de Sambre et Meuse
  4. Quick Silver
  5. Raglan
  6. The Little Bugler
  7. Silver Bugles
  8. St Mary Run Run Run Away
  9. Light Cavalry
  10. Keelrow/Road to the Isles
  11. Zorba’s Dance
  12. Secunderbad
  13. Bugler’s Delight
  14. Summon the Heroes
  15. Sunset
  16. The National Anthem
  17. The Light Division
  18. Sir John Moore
  19. The Rifle Regiment
  20. Rule Britannia
  21. A life on the Ocean Wave
  22. Sharpe’s Theme
  23. A bridge too far
  24. Band of Brothers
  25. High on a Hill
  26. Auld Lang Syne/ Last Post
  27. Regimental March DDLI
  28. Regimental March RGBWLI
  29. Farmer’s Boy
  30. Five to One
  31. Regimental March LI
  32. Three to One
  33. Regimental March RGJ
  34. Regimental March The Rifles
  35. Bugle Call No More Parades Today

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