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Bugle Calls of the Light Division

The Regimental Buglers performing the Bugle Calls of the Light Division. Recorded at Sir John Moore Barracks in Winchester, January 2000.



  1. Officers
  2. CSMs
  3. CSjts
  4. All NCOs
  5. Orderly Serjeants
  6. Orderly Corporals

Band and Buglers

  1. Orders
  2. CO's Orders
  3. Post Call
  4. Warning For Parade (Half Hour Dress)
  5. Quarter Call (Before Parade Quarter Dress)
  6. Fall In
  7. Dismiss or No Parade
  8. Parade For Guard
  9. Fatigues
  10. Defaulters
  11. Sick
  12. Officers Dress For Dinner
  13. Serjeants Dinner
  14. Men’s Meal (1st Call)
  15. Men’s Meal (2nd Call)
  16. Salute For Guard
  17. Lights Out
  18. The Double
  19. General Salute
  20. Reveille
  21. Rouse
  22. Charlie Reveille
  23. Retreat
  24. Tattoo (1st Post)
  25. Tattoo (Last Post)
  26. Alarm General
  27. Alarm Fire

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